Aaretz Israel Shelanu – Our Land Israel

Dov Brent Benson

Dov Brent Benson

Poem by Dov Brent Benson

There is a flower that has blossomed surrounded by sand thorns and rocks

Thousands of years has taught to be strong like an ox

Even though nations of the world don’t believe we have rights

We do, Az Israel kadima lo levater (Israel go foward don’t give up)

Beth Shalom Cemetery ad

No one can tell us we can’t be free

What peaceful neighbor wants to take our land and push us in the sea

No matter what we do we are hated even now

We are not the worlds sacrificial cow or wolf on the prowl

We will defend ourselves when a rock or rocket is thrown at our head

It is our blood that is shed

Sirens go off like warning shots fired

The gun goes pow pow ra-ta ta taw

We must live with this shock somehow

Of course to the media our enemies will always bow

Soldiers give up their lives suffering dreadful deaths

Civilians live moment by moment breath by breath

Young old stabbed shot blown to pieces before

They had a chance to pull out their gun or find a place to run

We have been to the funerals and felt the country cry with it own reason

Why did another child die

It seems no one cares We do

No more slaughtered Jews!

Silence is no longer an option

So watch and listen see and hear the words


In the air sea and ground

Our heads up proud and we wonít back down

Leaders in the past were fooled by the rest of the world and made treaties that didn’t last .

Everybody wants the piece of the cake: Eretz Yisrael

Have we forgot that the cake was a gift given to us?

How can anyone tell us not to fuss or feel shame for giving our enemies territorial gain

And selling Israel down the drain

Majority of Israelim know they’ll always be a mad man like Saddam Hussein

With a different name.

Every Jew wants a real peace not a lie

Our enemies will not take our land our water our lives

Does not matter who their leaders are we will survive

Golan, Yehuda, Shomron, The world says give more

This would be as disastrous as what happened at the Jersey shore

We already gone to far

Where did we go wrong

Nothing has come through

So what else can we do? NU!

Maspik! Yehudim (Enough! Jews)

Helonim veh Datim (Secular and Religous)

Kumu tiftahu et haaynaim (Wake up open your eyes)

Hamilchama he lo beneinu he neged haoyvim (War is not between us but with our enemies)

Az tafsiku milhemmet achim (stop the fight between brothers )

We believe in G-d’s  hand

Zahal is our high and mighty Army of society

Which carries out Hashem’s plan to protect our homeland

Jerusalem is our capitol

Even the Christian Right understand that Torah and Israel have all been planned .

Yerushalayim and the Temple Mount will remain not just in our heart and soul but in our hands forever embraced

Hashem’s holiness and the Jewish people can never be erased!

Dedicated to everyone who ever defended and continues to defend the land of Israel.

In Memory of those who fell and the victims of  terror

May Hashem comfort you with the mourners of Zion and Yerushalayim.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Dov Brent Benson has 28 years of security experience. Drawing on his experiences in Brooklyn and Israel, he volunteered in The Guardian Angels, patrolling in New York City in the 80s, starting when he was 16 years old. He is also a former St. Louis chapter leader who at the International Conferences between 2009 and 2011 won awards for the Rookie of Year Chapter and Weekend Chapter — during the same time Forbes magazine named St. Louis the most dangerous city in the United States. In the 1990s, he was  a member of the Israeli Civil Guard, a branch of the Israeli Police that assisted the Border Police. Always seeking to combine his passions for Judaism, hip hop and dance music, Dov has been writing his own lyrics since he was 12 — he is known among DJs and rappers as M.C. Double B. In the 1980s he rapped against the use of crack cocaine and for helping homeless kids in the NYC and Boston areas. Dov, who is is single and Shomer Shabbat, now resides in St. Louis, where he is a member of CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) and is working on new lyrics. 

 © Copyright Dov Brent Benson. Reproduction prohibited without permission.