Sheila Vogel Gollub

Sheila Vogel Gollub died in University City, Missouri, on March 2, 2016, of heart failure. She was 95.

Sheila Vogel was born June 21, 1920, in Chicago, Illinois, where she graduated from John Marshall High School. She had a long career as a singer under the name Sheila Vogelle, performing lyric soprano roles with the Chicago Civic Opera and San Carlo Opera as well as elsewhere. She appeared on Broadway in the 1948 musical Ballet Ballads. She married Myron Gollub in 1948.

Sheila Vogel Gollub is survived by her son, David Gollub, and by her granddaughters, Anna Gollub and Sarah Gollub. Her husband, Myron Gollub, died in 1994. Another son, Roger Gollub, husband of Diane Gollub and the father of Anna and Sarah, died in 2008.

In lieu of flowers, contributions are welcome to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) or Planned Parenthood.