Eleanor Margaret Klearman

Eleanor Margaret Klearman, died October 20, 2012 of what appears to have been a massive heart attack, while at home reading the newspaper at the kitchen table. Born February 26, 1929; wife of Melvin; daughter of the late Otto (the late Virginia Ertl) Klearman; sister of James Ertl; mother of Barbara Klearman and Paul (Marilyn) Klearman; grandmother of Sarah of Nashville, Tenn., and Aaron Klearman of St. Louis. She was kind, gentle and intelligent. She was a lifetime member of Pioneer Women as well as NA’AMAT USA, both Jewish organizations who work diligently for the benefit of the state of Israel as well as underprivileged people/children. Contributions to NA’AMAT USA, 9369 Olive Boulevard, Suite 15, St. Louis, Mo. 63132.