Donald L. Holtzman

Donald L. Holtzman (Donal, The Redhead, Red, Donny, and, especially, Poppy), on April 27th, completed 94 years of a life lived with no limits of energy, humor, fun, a bottomless appetite for all the joys and mysteries and mischief, unconventionality and disregard of rules (even medical ones), and with a heart always open to everything good in people and the world, with a boundless, unconditional love for his family.

Donald was very proud of his military service during World War II, although he seldom talked about it. He overcame his combat trauma through openness and compassion for other veterans, even when it meant speaking out against the Vietnam War. Donald was a consummate story teller, and the stories he left behind are gifts of his soul. He taught us to smile through tears, and to laugh with your whole body.

Thank you to our father, companion, and playmate for all you gave us and for the just plain fun, from your children Billy (Sylvia), Linda, Gene (Tracy); your grandchildren Katie (John), Josie (Isaac), Alex, Maddie (Dan), Sheila (Sidney), Bernadette; and great-grandchildren Kennedy, Eric, Carlie, Nathalie, Maggie, and Wally. Sorry to see you go but, to quote a wise and funny man “Everybody’s Gotta Be Some Place.”