Z Street IRS case to be heard in court

WASHINGTON (JTA) — A pro-Israel group seeking tax exempt status as an educational organization will have a hearing in court in July.

“Two-and-a-half years after filing a complaint in federal court seeking relief from the Internal Revenue Service for viewpoint discrimination against our strongly pro-Israel organization, Z STREET has a hearing date,” the group said on its website.

The hearing will take place on July 2 in the District of Columbia Federal District Court.

Z Street, a right-wing group intended to counterbalance left-wing J Street, has since 2010 been seeking 501 (c) (3) status. Tax exemptions for such groups are broader than for 501 (c) (4) groups, which lobby the government.

Delays by the IRS in granting of 501 (c ) (4) status to a number of conservative groups are at the center of a scandal now preoccupying Washington.

Z Street claims that IRS officials delayed approving its status because its views on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict contradict those of the Obama administration.

IRS officials have denied this in affidavits.