Youths arrested for ‘price tag’ attacks

JERUSALEM (JTA) — A gang of  14 Jewish males was arrested for carrying out at least 20 “price tag” attacks in Jerusalem.

The yeshiva students, aged 13 to 18,  were arrested over the past several weeks, according to Israeli media, who reported on the arrests on Sunday after a gag order was dropped that day.

The alleged perpetrators acted out of “hatred for Arabs and revenge for attacks committed against Jews,” Israeli media quoted police as saying.

The four youngest were released to the custody of their parents; the rest were held over as the investigation continues, according to reports.

Police have connected the gang to at least 20 incidents and say there could be more identified. Among the incidents suspected were setting fire to Arab vehicles and stoning Arab pedestrians, as well as buses and cars.

“Price tag” refers to the strategy that extremist settlers and their supporters have adopted to exact retribution for settlement freezes and demolitions or Palestinian attacks on Jews.