You can now buy Bamba at Trader Joe’s

Josefin Dolsten

Trader Joe’s is now selling the popular Israeli snack Bamba. (Trader Joe’s)

(JTA) — Peanut lovers rejoice! Bamba, Israel’s iconic puffed peanut snack, is now available for purchase at Trader Joe’s.

The American grocery chain announced on Wednesday that it would be selling Bamba, which it described as “crunchy, airy, peanutty and highly craveable — kind of like a cheese puff without the cheese.”

The snack, which when fed to kids may even prevent peanut allergies, will retail for 99 cents per 3.5 ounce bag. It is made with just four ingredients — corn grits, peanut paste, palm oil and salt — and will be produced in Israel.

An inquiry to Trader Joe’s about the manufacturer did not satisfy our curiosity as to whether it would be produced by Osem, the company that makes the Israeli version of the snack.

“We don’t share information about our suppliers,” the store’s public relations director, Kenya Friend-Daniel, told JTA.

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