Yaalon: Iran doesn’t see a real military threat

(JTA) — Israeli Deputy Prime Minister Moshe Yaalon fears that mixed messages are leading Iran to believe it does not face a real military threat from the outside world. 

“We have an exchange of views, including with our friends in the United States, who in our opinion, are in part responsible for this feeling in Iran,” he told Israel’s 100FM radio station Friday, according to The Jerusalem Post.

“There are many cracks in the ring closing tighter on Iran. We criticize this,” he said, also singling out United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon for traveling to Tehran this week. Ban attended the Non-Aligned Movement Summit held in Tehran. During his talk there, he criticized Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s rejection of the Jewish state’s right to exist as well as his Holocaust denial.

Israel believes that Iran’s nuclear installations — which are not open to international inspection — are developing a nuclear weapons program. Tehran insists that the research is meant for domestic power means. Recent weeks have seen increased speculation as to whether Israel would launch a preemptive attack against Iran’s nuclear installations, which are scattered around the country. 


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