Woman who defended Israel records sexist abuse by Dutch-Muslim politician


AMSTERDAM (JTA) — A Dutch-Muslim local politician from The Hague is accused of making misogynistic threats at a woman who criticized his anti-Israel vitriol.

Separately, the Belgian anti-Israel activist Dyab Abou Jahjah accused a Jewish journalist from Antwerp who criticized him of being “paid by Israel.”

The abuse by Abdoe Khoulani of The Hague was recorded by Anneke Brons, whom he called from his cellular phone. “Anneke, go learn how to write Dutch, you blonde bitch,” Khoulani said earlier this week. “With your anti-Semitic and scandalous foreigner. You showed you’re a retarded dumb broad. You know what’s disgusting? That face of yours. That’s disgusting. That ugly, ugly, white face of yours.”

In a series of voice messages, Khoulani, who represents the Islamist Party of Unity on the city council of The Hague, went on to say: “And you know what you should do, Anneke? You should leave the Netherlands immediately and go live in an Israeli colony. Happily steal Palestinian land and see Palestinian children being shot dead. That’s what you should do. You belong there. With the Zionist scum.”

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Brons, who in social media has defended Israel’s right to defend itself, had criticized Khoulani’s remark on Facebook last week about Israeli high school children who visited the Hague and posed for a picture with local members of the Reformed Political Party.

“The Zionist terrorists in training are just visiting the Reformed Political Party,” Khoulani wrote on Facebook. “These are the future child murderers and occupiers.”

The youth movement of the Reformed Political Party, which hosted the visitors of the Israeli “Young Ambassadors” program said it would file a complaint with police against Khoulani for hate speech. Facebook has removed his post.

In Belgium, Abu Jahjah, a Lebanon-born supporter of Hezbollah who has been accused repeatedly of promoting anti-Semitism and who was fired this year for praising the slaying of Israelis by a terrorist in Jerusalem, told the Gazet van Antwerpen that the Jewish journalist Michael Freilich was an Israeli agent.

“This is propaganda disseminated by some who is paid by Israel,” Abu Jahjah, who recently formed a radical far-left party, said of criticism leveled at him by Freilich, editor-in-chief of the Joods Actueel Jewish monthly.

Freilich said he is neither paid in any way by Israel nor is he a citizen of Israel.

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