Who deserves a million bucks?

I recently received a big envelope from The Genesis Prize. Relax, I didn’t win the new $1 million prize. But I was asked to be a nominator. So who should I nominate to win the big money?

Click here for some background on the prize.

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Here are the criteria:

  1. Have achieved outstanding excellence and international renown for his/her contribution to his/her chosen professional field and to the progress of mankind.
  2. Serve as a role model for others through his/her commitment to Jewish values, the Jewish People and/or to Israel. This commitment, in turn, should inspire the nominee’s achievement and social involvement.
  3. Be dedicated to continuing his/her support of Jewish causes by means of direct personal engagement and action.

By Thursday 12 pm, send your suggestions and a brief explanation to [email protected].

You might just help someone win a million dollars.

Ami Eden is JTA’s CEO and editor in chief, responsible for overseeing all aspects of the agency’s operations, including editorial, business, marketing and fundraising. Before joining JTA in the summer of 2007, he served as executive editor of the Forward newspaper and the founding editor of the Jewish Daily Forward Web site. He also worked as an editor of the Jewish Exponent in Philadelphia.