White supremacist who targeted Jews sentenced to life

Ron Kampeas

(JTA) — A white supremacist who with her boyfriend targeted Jews in a killing spree was sentenced to life in prison.

Holly Grigsby on Tuesday apologized to the families of her victims at her sentencing in a Portland, Ore., federal court, The Associated Press reported.

Her boyfriend, Joey Pedersen, already is serving a life sentence handed down in a Washington State court. Pedersen is facing a life term in a federal court sentencing hearing next month as part of a plea deal.

Pedersen and Grigsby, 27, were arrested north of Sacramento, Calif., in 2011 after allegedly killing Pedersen’s father, stepmother and two strangers, including 19-year old Cody Myers, in a monthlong killing spree that spanned California, Washington and Oregon.

Grigsby told detectives that the couple killed Myers because they believed he was Jewish based on his last name. Myers was not Jewish.

“Grigsby also reportedly commented that when arrested, the couple were on their way to Sacramento to ‘kill more Jews,’ ” police reported at the time.

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