White supremacist Pedersen pleads guilty to two murders


White supremacist David Joseph Pedersen, who said he was on his way to “kill more Jews” when arrested in connection with four West Coast murders, pleaded guilty to two of them.

Pedersen, 31, pleaded guilty on Monday to two counts of aggravated first-degree murder for killing his father and stepmother in Everett, Wa., last September.

His plea will spare him from the death penalty, according to Reuters. He is scheduled to be sentenced on Friday to life in prison. 

Pedersen’s girlfriend Holly Grigsby, 25, told police at the time, after allegedly murdering four people, that they planned “to kill more Jews.” According to court documents, Grigsby told detectives that the couple killed 19-year-old Cody Myers because they believed he was Jewish based on his last name. 

Grigsby has pleaded not guilty and will go on trial in September.

Pedersen said he killed his father because he sexually molested Pedersen’s sister.