White supremacist, neo-Nazi posters hung at Emerson College

Marcy Oster

(JTA) — Posters promoting a white supremacist, neo-Nazi organization were discovered in a lecture hall and a student residence at Emerson College.

The at least seven posters from the American Vanguard organization were discovered on campus on Monday, local media reported Wednesday.

“The racist and anti-Semitic rhetoric of American Vanguard has no place on our campus as a community that cherishes the diversity of ideas and people acting together in shared interests as a sustaining and core value,” Emerson College President Lee Pelton said in an e-mail to students on Tuesday.

Pelton said it is not yet known who hung the posters. The Emerson College Police Department is conducting an investigation into the origin of the posters, he said.

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“The posters were not put here to propagandize but rather to intimidate and silence. However, we will not be silenced. We will raise our strong voices of protest and our unassailable belief in the enduring power of our common humanity. We do this because we know that we are a resilient community of strong-minded people who – regardless of political or social affiliations – are determined to drown out these desperate and ugly voices of bigotry and soul-numbing hate,” Pelton’s email continued.

“The arc of human history, as well as the future, are on our side,” he said.

American Vanguard says in the “Manifesto” section of its website that “White America is under attack… While millions of our countrymen languish in poverty and our infrastructure crumbles, our jobs are shipped overseas and billions sent to Israel. The greatest threat to our country did not fall in 1945, nor in 1991. The true enemy is within our walls, destroying our nation and opening our gates to the millions of outsiders who want to take all that our forefathers have created.”

The group calls for the ” reawakening of White racial consciousness,” and for Whites to “fight for America.”

Emerson is a private college of 4,000 students offering courses and degrees in arts and communications.

The posters appear to be part of the group’s Northern Propaganda Campaign. They have been found on other college campuses as well.