West Bank Jewish resident charged with inciting attacks on Israeli soldiers

(JTA) — A 24-year-old Jewish woman from the West Bank settlement of Yizhar was charged with incitement for online comments in support of attacks on Israeli soldiers and Arabs.

Eliraz Fein was arrested two years ago for participating in an online discussion in which she said it was permissible under Jewish law to use potentially lethal force against Israeli soldiers “under certain circumstances,” The Times of Israel reported. Fein was charged by Israeli prosecutors on Tuesday.

In a conversation on Yizhar’s closed email group, Fein allegedly expressed support for throwing rocks at Jews even if it leads to their deaths.

Fein has a history of provocative online comments. After the murder of an Arab teenager in 2014, she wrote on Facebook that she was “proud and happy to discover that there are Jews who couldn’t stand by and be silent!” She also called the 2015 firebombing of an Arab family in the village of Duma a “proper and appropriate act.”