Watch: Zach Braff promotes Yeshiva University

If Zach Braff’s new film “Wish I Was Here” ends up making money, the regular folks who funded the thing via Kickstarter probably won’t see any of the profits. That said, certain donors will get to see a little more of Braff himself–like this mysterious donor who apparently requested that Braff record a Purim video promoting Yeshiva University.

“I’ll say or do pretty much whatever you want for twenty seconds. I will send you the mpeg file so you can upload to YouTube, play at parties, or send to friends. I will be your dancing monkey,” Braff promised on his Kickstarter page to those who pledged upward of $500.

Here he claims to be a doctor, a rabbi, and a lawyer, and that when it comes to combining world class academics and Judaic Studies, Yeshiva University is the place to be.

To be clear, Braff, who has said he had a “conservative/orthodox” upbringing, attended Northwestern University, not YU. And while the clip bears the hash tag #Nowherebuthere, the name of YU’s ad campaign, it does not appear to be linked to the University. Also, he’s not a Maccabeat. So anyway, Happy Purim.

Jana Banin is the blogger for 6 Degrees No Bacon.