U.S. envoy to Poland comes under criticism for tweet wishing Jews a happy Passover

Katarzyna Markusz

WARSAW, Poland (JTA) – The United States’ ambassador to Poland wished Jews a happy Passover in Polish on Twitter and then received blistering criticism for it.

Georgette Mosbacher tweeted wishes for “peace and joyful feasts” for Passover in the Polish language.

A lawmaker from the ruling Law and Justice Party, Krystyna Pawlowicz, tweeted in response that “this must be a fake profile,” and called it a “provocation.” Twitter users reminded Mosbacher that the majority of Poles are Catholics and in Poland Easter is celebrated at this time.

“Someone wants to provoke us in these days and prove that U.S. military bases in Poland should not be built and that President Donald Trump should not come to Poland on this matter in autumn,” Pawlowicz wrote. Poland is seeking to build a U.S. military base on its territory. The working name of this base is “Fort Trump.”

Comments to the ambassador’s tweet suggested that the Jews killed Jesus. Others said: “You are not in Israel, but in Poland,” and “F**k the Jews.” Others wondered where the good wishes were for Easter.

On Sunday, Ambassador Mosbacher sent Easter greetings to her “Polish friends.”