U.S. envoy to Israel: Both countries want to prevent Iran nukes

JERUSALEM (JTA) — U.S. Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro said that the goal of both Israel and the United States is to stop Iran from building nuclear weapons.

Shapiro, in an interview from New York, told Israel Radio on Monday morning: “There is nothing to worry about over our joint approach to the Iranian issue. Our goals are the same and our leaders agree on these goals. The main objective is to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.”

He also said that both President Obama and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu agree that it is better to solve Iran’s nuclear program problems through diplomatic means.

“What is required now is not just soothing words from the new Iranian government but also real, practical, verifiable steps that can lead to a meaningful agreement — one that will ensure that Iran does not develop nuclear weapons under any circumstances,” Shapiro said.

Shapiro said that Israel and the United States are sharing information on Iran’s nuclear program and that the intelligence cooperation between the two countries is “unprecedented.”

Netanyahu and Obama were set to meet Monday at the White House, ahead of Netanyahu’s scheduled address to the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday.