U.N. watchdog expected to report Iran complying with nuclear deal

Ben Sales

(JTA) — A report from the nuclear watchdog of the United Nations is expected to show that Iran is complying with the terms of an interim agreement regarding its nuclear program.

Under the agreement, which Iran signed in November with the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Russia and China, Iran agreed to freeze nuclear enrichment above 5 percent and dilute its 20 percent-enriched uranium to 5 percent. It also agreed to freeze many of its centrifuges and pause construction and fuel production for its plutonium reactor.


In return, the six powers agreed to ease some sanctions on Iran, estimated at the time to give Iran about $7 billion in relief.

To ensure compliance, inspectors from the U.N.’s  International Atomic Energy Agency committed to visiting Iran’s nuclear production sites regularly. According to Reuters, an upcoming report from the IAEA will say Iran is complying with the deal’s terms.

The agreement was implemented in January and was set to expire on July 20. By that date, the sides aimed to sign a permanent accord regarding the nuclear program, but the interim deal was extended until November as gaps remained in negotiations.

Much of the world says Iran’s program is directed toward producing a nuclear weapon. Iran has insisted that the program is for civilian purposes only.