Two IDF soldiers arrested in connection with brutal attack on Druze soldier


JERUSALEM (JTA) — Two Israel Defense Forces soldiers have been arrested in connection with an on-base attack against a Druze soldier.

The soldier, who said he was attacked and beaten by fellow soldiers on his base in northern Israel, was taken to the hospital with a broken nose, and cuts on his head and face. He also was kicked and punched all over his body until he lost consciousness.

The arrests were made on Sunday night.

“A violent incident took place this past Thursday, when two soldiers attacked another soldier in a base in the north. The soldier’s commanders took him to a hospital for medical attention and informed CID (the Criminal Investigation Division). The IDF denounces any incidences of violence, and any such events are dealt with harshly. A CID investigation is underway,” the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said in a statement.

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The soldier’s family posted photos on social media to show how severely injured the soldier was. One of the photos shows his bloodied face. Another shows him lying unconscious on the ground. A third shows his blood-spattered uniform.

“The photo you see here was not taken at the scene of a terrorist attack, not in (Jerusalem’s) Damascus Gate and not in a kasbah (old city) in the territories. The soldier depicted in the photo was savagely attacked in his base by two soldiers—two criminals in uniform,” the family wrote in a post on Facebook, according to Ynet.

He reportedly was beaten after refusing to leave his dorm room immediately when called to do so.

The base commander reportedly refused to immediately take the beaten soldier for medical care, waiting four hours before sending him to an emergency room. The soldier was ordered sent home for five days of rest, and said he was beaten again after returning to the base from the hospital before travelling home. The second attack necessitated another trip to the hospital, according to Ynet.

The assaulted soldier’s grandfather, Sa’id Hussein, in an interview with Ynet said of the attack: “To beat a soldier in the IDF until he loses consciousness requires an investigation. This is not the army I served in thirty years ago. I didn’t send my grandson to the army for this kind of thing.”