Trump: Jerusalem declaration was high point of my time in office


(JTA) – In an interview for an Israeli newspaper, President Donald Trump said that his Dec. 6 declaration recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital was the high point of his time in office.

In the Hebrew-language translation of an excerpt from Trump’s interview with Israel Hayom editor-in-chief Boaz Bismuth, Trump said that both Israel and the Palestinians would need to compromise significantly to achieve peace. Trump said this in replying to Bismuth’s question on whether Israel would have to give something in return for the declaration.

Calling the city “your wonderful capital,” he added that the recognition of it as Israel’s capital was very important for many people whom Trump said thanked him. Others did not thank him for it, he added, but he described the move as an important promise he made and kept.


Trump also said he understands why previous presidents who said they would recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital ended up not doing it. He cited “enormous pressure” through intensive lobbying by those opposed to the move.

Bismuth asked Trump what he meant when he said last month at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland that with the declaration “we took Jerusalem off the table.”

Trump said that he meant to say that the declaration clarified that Jerusalem is Israel’s capital, but when it comes to specific borders he would support the ones agreed upon by both parties.

The full interview is scheduled to be published Sunday.

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