Toy company apologizes and pulls Nazi themed toy car


You just have to wonder how many meetings took place, that allowed a toy company to decide to create a Nazi themed toy car, complete with Nazi symbols and “likenesses of two German high officers.”

The toy replicas of vehicles used by the Third Reich were created and released by Polish firm COBI Toys. The toys were then pulled from shelves this week.

According to the Jewish News, the toy included Mercedes cars used by the Nazis, replete with swastikas, mini-toy figures depicting Wehrmacht leader Field Marshal Paulus, as well as German Admiral and Chief of the military intelligence, Wilhelm Franz Canaris. According to Toybook, one product listing “notes Adolf Hitler’s affection for the vehicle”.

After the toys were pulled, the owner of the company, Robert Podles issued an online apology.


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“A recent set of ours was posted on our social media sites and featured the names and likenesses of two German high officers. This was a first for us and will be the last. We realized some had taken offense and now fully understand the implications to some. We have already stopped the sale of these sets and we will not offer them in the future. We have also realized that we are not doing a thorough job in reviewing the comments and third-party posts on our social media accounts. Certain people are changing, customizing our products, and posting content that is obviously offensive and repulsive. They should have been condemned and removed immediately. This is an error in staffing and training that we are fixing immediately. I am ashamed that it has taken us this long to address this problem.”

He said his company produced items for people who “wanted to educate themselves about whatever set they were building, but unfortunately, we did not do a particularly good job of explaining this goal through our products and recent actions. I apologize. I believe in fighting antisemitism in all forms.”