Three Palestinians killed during weekly Gaza border clashes


JERUSALEM (JTA) — More than 13,000 Palestinians rioted at the Gaza border with Israel as part of weekly protests that began some six months ago.

Three of the Palestinian demonstrators at the border on Friday were killed by Israeli army fire during the clashes, Haaretz reported citing the Gaza Health Ministry. One of those killed was reportedly a 12-year-old boy. The other two dead were both 21.

The rioters threw rocks, grenades and bombs at Israeli military officials. An IDF officer also was injured in the violence, according to the IDF Spokesman’s office. The IDF used riot control measures.

In addition, nine Gazans breached the security fence on the border. They were apprehended before they reached Israeli residential areas, according to reports. Israel’s military responded by firing air strikes on two Hamas posts in Gaza.

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On Saturday, a Palestinian boy, 16, died of injuries he sustained during last week’s riots at the border.

Meanwhile, an incendiary balloon landed in a playground in the southern Israeli town of Kiryat Gat on Friday morning. It was removed before the kindergarten opened for the day. Two homemade explosive devices designed to harm Israeli troops also were found planted bear the border fence on Thursday and Friday.

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