The world’s proudest Hitler lookalike

Gabe Friedman

Berlin, Reichstagssitzung, Rede Adolf Hitler

Hitler speaking in the Reichstag, May 1941. (Wikimedia Commons)

It sounds like the premise for a bad horror film: Adolf Hitler is reincarnated as someone who not only looks like him, but shares his views.

Kosovo resident Emin Djinovci apparently believes such a film would be the story of his life. The 49-year-old Hitler lookalike, who claims to be the Nazi leader reincarnated, charges over $90 for photos he takes with tourists, according to the United Kingdom’s Mirror .

Hitler lookalikes are nothing new. Just last month, an actor dressed like Hitler appeared throughout Germany’s Dresden in an effort to promote a new film.

However, the disturbing thing about Djinovci is that he is proud of the resemblance. He carries a copy of “Mein Kampf” around with him at all times. He calls his five daughters “Hitler’s children.” And he claims to make a living off his tourist photographs.

Djinovci lived in Germany but left in 1998 during the Kosovo War. He identifies with Hitler because they both, in his words, “fought against the Serbs.”

If caught in Germany, Djinovci would probably be arrested for violating the country’s stringent postwar laws prohibiting Nazi-like symbols in public.