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  • Day 17 of Jewish American Heritage Month: Send the kids to camp

    Consider giving your kids the chance to go to camp for a summer while also building independence, learning teamwork and maybe even meeting the loves of their lives when they’re not terrorizing the counselors. More ▸

  • Day 16 of Jewish American Heritage Month: Learn about ‘Hava Nagila’

    You’ve danced the hora at hundreds of bar/bat mitzvahs and weddings. But do you really know anything about the song you’ve been dancing to — including the rest of the lyrics following the first two words? See director Roberta Grossman’s documentary “Hava Nagila: The Movie,” which has been working its way through the domestic Jewish film festival circuit… More ▸

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  • Day 15 of Jewish American Heritage Month: Ask questions

    Embrace the most Jewish of traditions by asking questions about a relative’s life. More ▸

  • Is Obama George W. — or even Nixon? The secrecy factor

    The Obama administration has in recent weeks suffered a 1-2-3 scandal outbreak: The Benghazi tragedy-as-fiasco gained legs when internal emails emerged suggesting the White House tried to change the administration’s talking points; The IRS admitted it focused on conservative groups in delaying the granting of tax-exempt status; The AP furiously revealed that for two months… More ▸

  • Help Rebecca Spence write a novel

    I worked with Rebecca Spence way back when at the Forward. Now, lucky me/us/you, she’s started freelancing for JTA. She’s also raising money — to help her pay the bills as she writes a semi-historical novel inspired by her Sephardic Israeli grandmother’s story. Click here for more info on the project (and a video). More ▸

  • Day 14 of Jewish American Heritage Month: Go to therapy

    Many of the earliest therapists were Jews and Jews have loved doling out advice for ages. Today, discover the Jewish roots of therapy for JAHM. More ▸

  • So now, Colin Kahl talks containment

    Though waiting for Iran to go nuclear is a bad option, a military strike right now is worse, argues Colin Kahl of Center for New American Security think tank. More ▸

  • Day 13 of Jewish American Heritage Month: Visit South Florida

    With mah jongg, bagels and schmears, spend day 13 living the Jewish life of South Florida, or visit if you can! More ▸

  • Day 12 of Jewish American Heritage Month: Laugh with the classics

    Pray that a rainy day in May gives you an excuse to enjoy some classic American Jewish wit on film. Choose any or all of the following for a guaranteed better day: Mel Brooks’ “History of the World Part I,” Adam Sandler’s “You Don’t Mess With the Zohan” or Woody Allen’s “Purple Rose of Cairo.” Speaking of… More ▸

  • Day 11 of Jewish American Heritage Month: Practice yoga

    Next time you do a downward dog, chant an ohm to Ruby Blue, aka Swami Neeladevananda. Blue was born Ruth Thaler in Poland and as a child immigrated to Washington with her parents. She was named a swami, the Hindu honorary title for master, in 2003 at age 86. Known for her inspirational lectures, tiny… More ▸

  • Day 10 of Jewish American Heritage Month: Listen to ‘Little Orphan Annie’

    Before “Annie” was revived on Broadway — heck, before “Annie” was on Broadway the first time — that lovable red-headed scamp from the funny pages was primarily played by Shirley Bell Cole on the “Little Orphan Annie” radio show, which was broadcast nationwide by NBC to the afterschool set from 1931 to 1942. Cole, a… More ▸

  • After Friday’s confrontation, are more haredi protests ahead?

    Friday morning saw thousands of haredi Orthodox youth pack the Western Wall Plaza to protest Women of the Wall’s service there. With police assistance, Women of the Wall were able to conduct their service. But the protest showed how effective haredi mobilization can be. Within days, haredi activists and leading rabbis got thousands of students… More ▸