The best sukkahs on Instagram right now

Lior Zaltzman


(JTA) — It’s still Sukkot, the weeklong harvest holiday that Jews celebrate in self-made huts, or sukkahs in Hebrew (Sukkot is the Hebrew plural of sukkah, hence the name).

The sukkah represents “the huts in which the Israelites dwelt during their 40 years of wandering in the desert after escaping from slavery in Egypt.”

Building a sukkah is quite a feat, as anyone who has ever tried to build one knows. Even if you buy one in pieces that you just have to put together, the process can take hours, and the result is not always glamorous. But eating meals under the blue sky and shining stars is quite the reward (if the weather is nice, of course).

While roaming Instagram for some Sukkot inspiration, we found a wide array of original sukkahs. Here is a selection of our favorites, ranging from the quirky, to the funny, to the absolutely stunning:

Don’t have space for a sukkah? Just make one out of Legos. Don’t forget to invite Chewbacca for a Sukkot meal.

We should all be lucky enough to celebrate Sukkot in beautiful Tulum, Mexico.

WeWork has built a public shared office space in a sukkah in Jerusalem. It includes free WiFi access, a lounge area and two conference rooms, as well as a barista, a bartender, a DJ in the evenings and yoga classes. We wish our office space was this luxurious.

This mirror sukkah comes from Dallas, Texas, and was built for “The Sukkah Project” competition. The mirrors are “arranged in a way that allows the observer to look at reflections from different realities,” according to Instagram used @talisnow.

We love this colorful sukkah in Herzelia Pituach, Israel.

Last year, we wrote about a panoramic sukkah that makes you feel like you’re in Jerusalem. This sukkah appears to take you directly to the Western Wall, with high definition printed backgrounds.

Forget about paper chains! This vibrant sukkah in Los Angeles has paper lanterns instead.

These beautiful and original sukkahs can be found in Capitol Park in Detroit.

We’ve never seen a sukkah quite like this Boho sukkah in Surfside, Florida.

Going from Boho to psychedelic, the world’s first magnetic tile sukkah can be found in Millburn, New Jersey.

This sukkah from chef Chaya Lichtenstein is a real-life secret garden.

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🌲🦋 #Sukkah I bring you a real-life secret garden. Don’t look now but your girl CC has gone all Pocahontas on you and by the time you’re done reading this you’ll be a #treehugger too. It began with a dream: a tiny little nugget of an idea dancing in my mind’s eye: an enchanted garden. Could it be done? It’s Wild. It’s Woody. It’s Whimsical. It’s WONDROUS! @chanigreenbaumevents coaxed the fleeting fantasy from my brain and transformed it into a SPECTACULAR SENSATIONAL SCINTILLATING STORYBOOK SCENE. Straight up magic brought to you by Chani & her elves, who tirelessly worked through the night to construct the vision that was born in my wildest dream. The holiday #sukkot is in itself a joyful and holy day because now is when God himself descends from his kingly domain to reside among us, his people, within our very own self constructed huts. The term “Noi Sukkah” means the way YOU beautify your sukkah. Sparkle streamers & paper links & school crafts & Jerusalem posters, we each interpret this custom in our OWN way. This year my Noi Sukkah is the tree of life that sustains us and keeps on giving and giving. @chanigreenbaumevents executed every bit of the majesty and exotic beauty that I hoped for in this #treeoflife. Together with her team, we devised a plan that would bring my vision to life: the spicy scent of pine assaulting your senses even before you step inside, you will observe the walls covered in vibrant #boxwood, then draped & pleated in a lusty gray silk lining. This vision exudes class. But not your run of the mill CC class; this is wild and exotic and unexpected. I can’t thank @godingersilver enough for ALWAYS enhancing my table to another level. Martin always saves the 🙏🏻 day. The scalloped white Bone China dishes are so dainty & crush worthy! HELLO those gold Mini leaves 😍?!? Furniture @luxeeventrentals let’s discuss the perfect rustic, elegant and super classy chairs. The console, Bench and the fab wooden corner tables ⭐️Crush!!! My friend Barb @blossumbleu ( Tablecloth ) whose been with me from back when i started my table selfies Barb I 💓 you. You always pull through even tho I show in the 13th hour. Flatware @myrtleandrum SO MOD and FAB

A post shared by C S Lichtenstein (@chefchaya) on Sep 23, 2018 at 12:33pm PDT

This sukkah can be found in the middle of a lake in Falls Village, Connecticut. How cool is that?!

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