Temple Mount closed to visitors

JERUSALEM (JTA) — Jerusalem Police closed the Temple Mount to Jewish visitors.

Tuesday’s closure, during the festival of Sukkot when tens of thousands of Israeli and Diaspora Jews visit Jerusalem, came after the police received intelligence information that Palestinians planned to cause disturbances at the site, according to reports.


Thousands have already visited the site during the week-long holiday. There are very limited visiting hours to the site, and Jews are not permitted to pray at the site.

Last week at the start of the holiday two Israeli police officers were injured when dozens of Arab youths threw rocks at police and visitors at the site. The Islamic Movement in Israel has been calling on its supporters to riot at the Temple Mount.

Closure of the site resulted in the cancellation of a visit to the site by hundreds of Jewish children and teens as part of an annual educational event. The event sponsored by the Women for the Holy Temple Organization had been coordinated with the police.

Knesset member Shuli Muallem of the Jewish Home Party also had coordinated a visit to the site for Tuesday with the police.

On Monday, a Temple Mount activist was arrested for performing a Jewish ritual at the site. Michael Fuah shook a lulav and etrog at the site and was arrested by police.