Syrian army says Israel attacked military base outside of Damascus


JERUSALEM (JTA) — Israel attacked a military base outside of Damascus with airstrikes and ground missiles, the Syrian army said.

An arms depot was destroyed in the early Tuesday morning attacks, according to reports.

The Syrian army announced the attacks on state television. It claimed to have hit one of the Israeli jets and intercepted three of the ground missiles that were fired.

The Israeli military did not comment on reports of the attack, which is its standing policy.

According to a statement by the Syrian army, the attacks took place between 2:40 a.m. and 4:14 a.m. The three waves of attacks included airstrikes from inside Lebanese airspace, surface-to-surface rockets fired from the Golan Heights and rockets fired from Israel’s airspace.

“The Syrian army’s general headquarters is warning Israel once again against the serious ramifications of such aggressive acts and sees Israel as fully responsible for its moves,” the statement said. “We are prepared to deal with these attacks and we will continue our war against the terror organizations. We will cut off Israel’s arms of terror and restore security and stability on all Syrian lands.”

Israel’s Security Cabinet held a long meeting Sunday on the situation on the Lebanese and Syrian borders.

The Israeli military reportedly struck Syrian military targets twice during December but typically did not confirm the reports.