Synagogue treasurer stabbed on Boy Scouts hike

NEW YORK (JTA) — Art Anderson, 76, a Boy Scouts hike leader and synagogue treasurer from Kokomo, Ind. was stabbed to death on Sunday in front of his Boy Scouts.

Anderson was leading a hike of a local boy scout troop when Shane Golitko, 22, approached the group and stabbed Anderson in the neck, killing him, police said. Golitko was taken into police custody.

Earlier that night, police said, Golitko’s mother had called 911 to report that her son had beaten her during an argument. After the argument, Golitko grabbed a knife and then apparently came upon Anderson. He then returned home and stabbed his dogs, killing one of them, police said.

Anderson was treasurer at his temple, B’nai Israel, where he was often called upon to fix bad wiring, according to the Indianapolis Star. He was active in his community, volunteering at the Kokomo Civic Theatre, Kokomo High School, the Boy Scouts and the Miami Correctional Facility, the paper said.