Study: Ten suspected Nazis were never deported

WASHINGTON (JTA) — A review of U.S. Justice Department records shows that 10 alleged Nazi war criminals ordered deported remained in the United States because other countries would not take them.

The review, carried out by the Associated Press and published this week, said that of 137 people targeted for deportation because of suspected war crimes since the inception of such proceedings in 1979, 66 have been deported.

Some died while waiting for their cases to be resolved, and in other cases the department dropped proceedings because of the suspects poor health or because the suspects cooperated in other cases.

Ten, however, were ordered deported but never left and remained eligible for Social Security and other benefits, the AP found.

Many countries would not take the suspects, in some cases because they did not consider them citizens.

Ukraine and Poland feature in multiple cases of countries refusing to accept the suspects.

Of the ten, four are still alive and remain in the United States.