Six Day War volunteers to gather in Jerusalem, WZO announces 

JTA Staff

BUENOS AIRES (JTA) — The World Zionist Organization will host a gathering in Jerusalem of volunteers that went to help Israel during the Six Day War in 1967.

The event marking the 50th anniversary of the war was announced late last week by Avraham Duvdevani, chairman of WZO.

The motto of the event to be held on Jerusalem Day is: “Volunteer in the past, volunteer forever.”

“The speed of the war surprised them and a lot of volunteers arrived when the war was finished. They went to work in kibbutzim and also attended lectures. I was in charge of one group, there were hundreds. There were thousands of volunteers, and it will be very emotional to meet them again,” Duvdevani told JTA.

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After the war 6,000 volunteers remained in Israel to help. At least 550 Argentine Jewish youths flew to help. The tribute to the volunteers in the 50th anniversary is the brainchild of Manuel Junowicz, former and honorary president of Argentina Zionist Organization.

Another local idea that will be launched globally in 2017 is the “World Zionist Press Freedom Day.”

The tribute to Zionist journalists will take place on June 4.  Journalism inspired the Zionist movement, according to Alejandro Mellincovsky, coordinator of WZO activities in Argentina and the mentor of the first meeting to recognize Zionist journalism, to be held in Buenos Aires.

“We chose June 4 when Die Welt (the German national daily newspaper) was created. The Zionist movement rose precisely because of the journalistic activity by Theodor Herzl when he covered the Dreyfus case in Paris for the Neue Freie PresseBut not only Herzl, also Emile Zola spread his J’ Accuse through the media,” added Mellincovsky.

Next year also will mark 120 years since the first Zionist Congress, 100 years since the Balfour Declaration, and 70 years since the founding of the United Nations.

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