Sinai is home to independent jihadist network

JERUSALEM (JTA) — Israeli intelligence believes that the Sinai is the home of an independent jihadist network, not an extension of Gaza terrorism, Haaretz is reporting.  

Many members of this Sinai network are Egyptians who do not live in the Sinai, the newspaper added, citing Israeli intelligence.

Two of the three terrorists involved in last month’s cross-border attack that killed one Israeli soldier were well-off husbands and fathers who did not outwardly identify with religious extremism, Egyptian newspapers are reporting, according to Haaretz. 

Other attacks on the Sinai border, including the killing of eight Israelis in August 2011 and the 14 attacks on a gas pipeline from Egypt to Israel, are also believed to emanate from the same jihadist network, which recruits from throughout the Arab world, according to Haaretz.

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