Settlers arrested for allegedly carrying out ‘price tag’ attack

JERUSALEM (JTA) — Three residents of Jewish West Bank settlements were arrested on suspicion of carrying out a price tag attack near Hebron.

The men were arrested late Sunday night after a car was set ablaze in the Palestinian village of Dahariya near Hebron. The words “price tag” were spray painted on a wall near the arson attack.

“Price tag” refers to the strategy that Jewish extremists have adopted to exact a price in attacks on Palestinians and Arabs in retribution for settlement freezes and demolitions, or for Palestinian attacks on Jews.

The alleged attackers, arrested near the village, were caught with equipment such as gloves, weapons, a flammable liquid and spray paint cans, according to Ynet. The men, from Beit El, Kiryat Arba and Yakir, have been linked to other price tag crimes, according to the Jerusalem Post.

Last month, Palestinian-owned vehicles in the West Bank and eastern Jerusalem were vandalized in at least two other price tag attacks.

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