Scenes from Yom Hashoah 2012


Berliners participating in an interfaith Holocaust remembrance event polish the bronze Stumbling Block memorials that bear testimony to the deportation of Jews from the city in 1942. Polishing the plaque of Harriet Freifrau von Campe are, from left, Dalia Grinfeld, Amina Kamed, Kewin Jessa and Sertac Heris — all members of the JUGA interfaith group. The Central Council of Jews in Germany was among the organizations sponsoring the ceremony. (Toby Axelrod)

Yehuda Vidavski lights a memorial flame at the opening ceremony for Israel’s Holocaust Remembrance Day at the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial in Jerusalem, April 18, 2012 (Noam Moskowitz/flash90)

Israelis in Jerusalem pause during a two-minute siren in memory of victims of the Holocaust, April 19, 2012. (Avishag Shar/Yashuv/Flash90)

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