S. Africa’s Jewish community offers prayers for Mandela

CAPE TOWN, South Africa (JTA) — South Africa’s chief rabbi, Warren Goldstein, conveyed the Jewish community’s prayers and support to Dr. Makaziwe Mandela, daughter of iconic former president Nelson Mandela.

Mandela, 94, remains critically ill in a Pretoria hospital.

Makaziwe thanked the Jewish community on behalf of the entire Mandela family for its “love and support at this difficult time” as well as in the past.

“Makaziwe specifically said that I should convey to the Jewish community that her father cherishes the special and warm relationship he has had with South African Jews throughout his life. She said that her father deeply appreciates that throughout his life he has enjoyed the warmth, kindness and support of our community,” the chief rabbi wrote in a message to the community on June 28.

Goldstein also requested that all congregational rabbis recite special prayers for Mandela during Shabbat services. “At this time let us continue to pray for the comfort, strength and well-being of President Mandela as he continues to bravely fight for his life,” he wrote.