Russian support of Arab states

  • Mad Men recap (‘The Doorway’): Don & Roger get Jewish advice

    Yes, I know. I should have posted Monday. Tuesday at the latest. But don’t be so hard on me. Matt Weiner and Scott Hornbacher needed a double episode for the premier of Season 6 (“The Doorway”). Getting going takes time. The truth is, for most of the two hours, I wasn’t sure that your favorite… More ▸


  • With new films, Hollywood finally telling story of fledgling Israeli Air Force

    Nancy Spielberg and Meyer Lansky’s nephew are among those working on films that tell the stories of the volunteer airmen from abroad who helped Israel control the skies during the War of Independence. Tom Tugend reports for JTA. More ▸

  • Ben Feldman hams up the Jew factor on ‘Mad Men’

    As AMC’s acclaimed “Mad Men” enters its sixth season, the actor who plays Jewish copywriter Michael Ginsberg says he’s not trying to play on Jewish stereotypes but to convey the challenges of being an outsider. Chavie Lieber reports for JTA. More ▸

  • Disney is already planning a second “Oz” film

    The film hasn’t even been in theaters for 24 hours, and Disney has already confirmed “Oz the great and Powerful” will have a sequel. Despite the film’s somewhat negative reviews, screenwriter Mitchell Kapner has been tapped to write the sequel, according to the Hollywood Reporter, the original film’s cast, which include James Franco and Mila Kunis, seem… More ▸

  • The Dude turns 15

    To a certain subclass of young American males, today is an anniversary on par with 4/20, 15 years since the debut of the cult classic that gave us such gloriously quotable lines as, “Three thousand years of beautiful tradition, from Moses to Sandy Koufax, you’re goddamn right I’m living in the past!” It’s tempting to… More ▸

  • Israeli films fall short again at Oscars

    Two Israeli documentaries in contention for the Oscar for best documentary failed to bring Israel its first coveted golden statue. More ▸