Rome’s Jews slam far-right rally

ROME (JTA) – The Rome Jewish Community slammed a weekend neo-fascist rally in downtown Rome and protested plans for a similar demonstration scheduled for later in the month.

Several hundred far-right activists belonging to the so-called “Euro-Rebellion European Social Movement” marched in central Rome on Nov. 10.

In a statement Monday, the Jewish community branded the march “fascist and neo-Nazi,” where demonstrators chanted slogans and carried symbols that are banned by Italy’s hate crime and anti-fascist laws.

“A few hundred demonstrators, marching with impunity, cannot hold an entire city hostage,” the Jewish community’s statement said. The marchers, it said, advocated “hatred, discrimination, and ethnic, political and religious intolerance.”

It called on Italian authorities to block a similar far-right demonstration slated for Nov. 25, which is being organized by groups calling themselves “Fascists of the New Millennium.”

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