Rocket fire continues as Israel strikes back

Ben Sales

TEL AVIV (JTA) — Israel attempted to assassinate a Hamas commander as clashes between Israel and Hamas renewed following Hamas rocket fire on Israel.

Hamas fired rockets Tuesday night at Israel’s south — as well as at Tel Aviv and Jerusalem — and continued the barrage Wednesday morning. According to the Israeli Defense Forces, Hamas has fired more than 70 rockets at Israel since Tuesday.

The rockets ended indirect cease-fire negotiations between Israel and Hamas in Cairo as Israel recalled its negotiators back to Jerusalem. In the midst of the clashes, Israel attempted to assassinate the head of Hamas’ armed wing, Muhammed Deif. Deif’s wife and son were killed in the airstrike, along with a third unidentified body, but Israel has not confirmed that the body is Deif’s.

The strike came amid renewed Israel restarted on Gaza in response to the rocket fire. The strikes have killed 11 Palestinians, according to Hamas. Israel has also recalled 2,000 reservists who had been sent home during a truce between the sides.

Israel’s security cabinet will meet this afternoon to discuss the situation.