Report: Iran to allow inspection of suspected nuclear site


Iran will allow inspectors from the United Nations’ nuclear watchdog group to visit a suspected nuclear site on a military base near Tehran.

The International Atomic Energy Agency will be granted access to the Parchin military complex at a time to be announced, the semi-official ISNA news agency reported Tuesday.

The visit cannot be held, however, until an agreement is reached on inspection guidelines, according to the ISNA.

It is believed that Parchin is home to a large chamber to test nuclear explosives.

The IAEA requested to visit the site last month during talks in Tehran, but the request was denied.

The nuclear watchdog last visited the site in 2005, but did not look in the area where the explosives chamber is believed to be located, Reuters reported.

The site could be taken out in a possible Israeli attack on Iranian nuclear sites.  U.S. President Barak Obama met Monday with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu where they reportedly discussed the Iranian nuclear crisis.