Report: Eilat airport was closed following warning by Egypt

(JTA) — Israeli authorities ordered the closure of Eilat’s airport based on a tip from Egyptian security services, a Palestinian news agency reported.

The Egyptians warned their Israeli counterparts that a radical Muslim terrorist cell planned to launch mid-range missiles at the airport, according to a report Friday on Ma’an, the Palestinian news agency.

The southern city’s airport was closed yesterday on orders from the Israel Defense Forces, until its reopening on Friday. Three weeks ago, the IDF deployed an Iron Dome missile interception system near Eilat, as Egyptian army forces cracked down on armed groups in the Sinai peninsula.

The report, which quotes an unnamed “senor Egyptian security official,” also says that the same terrorist cell was plotting to carry out an attack in the Suez area.

In addition to targeting the southern Israeli airport, terrorists were planning to target airplanes with shoulder-held anti-aircraft missiles, the report said.