Repair the World urges #SupportforRefugees during Passover

Marcy Oster

(JTA) — The Repair the World organization has partnered with HIAS to build awareness of and to help support refugees as they resettle in the United States.

The #SupportforRefugees campaign will continue through April 30. As part of #SupportforRefugees, Repair the World’s ongoing Turn The Tables initiative offers resources to facilitate dialogue on this issue within a Jewish framework during the Passover seders.

“We know so many young adults who want to publicly offer their support and find meaningful opportunities to work with refugees as they finish one part of their difficult journey and begin their transition into local communities,” says David Eisner, president and CEO of Repair the World.

“Together with HIAS, we can connect young adults to service opportunities with excellent local organizations that can really use the help in supporting refugees when they arrive. And, we cannot imagine a better time to launch this work than this holiday, as we reflect on the Passover story of liberation and the human struggle for freedom,” Eisner said in a statement.


Repair the World movement leaders are organizing volunteer projects with organizations that provide essential services such access to food, education, housing, job training, English language tutoring, or after school care, according to the group.

Individuals can sign up to participate in #SupportforRefugees events in their communities over the Passover holiday.

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