Protests, gov’t forces clash in Egypt over Morsi’s power push

(JTA) — Protesters and government forces clashed in Egypt’s Tahrir Square over Egyptian President Mohammad Morsi’s announcement that he would assume new powers.


Sunday’s protests were continuing following Morsi’s Nov. 22 announcement of a consolidation of power, including that Egyptian courts would not be permitted to overturn any laws or decrees he has issued since assuming the presidency in June — at least until a new constitution is presented and approved in about six months.

The Muslim Brotherhood, the Islamist group that spawned Hamas and with which Morsi is affiliated, said it would call on its followers to stage counter-demonstrations on Sunday in support of Morsi’s plans.

The popular uprising last year in Tahrir Square led to the ousting of longtime President Hosni Mubarak from office.

Stocks dropped by 10 percent on the Egyptian stock market after trading opened on Sunday.

Morsi earned praise from the United States and the international community last week after Egypt brokered a cease-fire between Hamas and other terrorist organizations in Gaza and Israel, ending more than a week of escalated warfare.

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