Protesters reportedly chant ‘kill the Jews’ in central Vienna

(JTA) — Protesters in Vienna reportedly called out “death to the Jews” at a demonstration near the Austrian chancellor’s office.

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About 400 people participated in the demonstration on Nov. 30, according to reports by the Coordination Forum for Countering Anti-Semitism, an international organization, and, an Austrian-Jewish news site.

The demonstrators chanted “Ithbakh al yahud” (“Kill the Jews” in Arabic) and “Free Palestine,” as well as “Freedom for Syria” and “Destroy Israel.” The report said Viennese police did not intervene in the procession, which took place in the center of the Austrian capital.

The website published photos of the rally, which consisted of a ”colorful mix of Salafists, Hamas supporters, activists of an organization called ‘the Free Syrian Army,’ Muslim Brotherhood, young Palestinians and pseudo left-wing Trotskyists and ‘anti-Imperialists,’ ” the news site reported.

The report said “the security situation in Vienna seems precarious as the police and the secret service look away.” It also said the demonstration was not reported in most mainstream Austrian media.

The rally was organized to protest Israel’s strikes in Gaza last month against Hamas.

Meanwhile, in Sweden, large swastikas twice were scrawled on several doors belonging to two separate Jewish homes in Malmo, according to a report in Sydsvenskan, a local daily. One of the homes was broken into, and a computer and Judaica were stolen, including a gold Star of David, a mezuzah and a chanukyiah.

The homeowners, who did not wish to be named, reportedly called police four times during the weekend as the assailants continued to return.

In Finland, security cameras outside the Jewish community center in Helsinki over the weekend recorded an unknown individual shouting “Heil Hitler” while performing a Nazi salute, according to the Coordination Forum for Countering Anti-Semitism.

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