Prague rally shows Israel support

WARSAW, Poland (JTA) — More than 300 people participated in a pro-Israel demonstration in Prague.

Rally participants on Sunday in the Czech Republic’s capital held banners reading “Gaza murderers are killing, Israel has a right to defend itself,” “Free Gaza from Hamas,” “Israel you are not alone” and “Israel we love you.”

“Israel has the right and duty to defend its citizens against attacks by the terrorist organization Hamas, which has controlled the Gaza Strip for more than five years,” said Vera Tydlitatova of the League Against Anti-Semitism, which organized the demonstration.

Petr Necase, a former adviser to the Czech Republic’s prime minister, said, “Israel gave part of its territory in exchange for peace. Gaza could be a real pearl of the Middle East. Instead, the Palestinians chose Hamas and lost their historic opportunity.”

Jaromir Stetina, a senator, during his speech held a banner saying “Hamas are murderers, Israel must defend itself, don’t lie media!”

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