Poll: Jewish voters overwhelmingly prefer Joe Biden for Democratic nominee


(JTA) — Jewish voters overwhelmingly favor former Vice President Joe Biden over Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont as the 2020 Democratic presidential nominee, a new poll finds.

In a recent poll conducted by Morning Consult, 47.10 percent of Jewish registered voters planning to vote in a Democratic primary or caucus cited Biden as their first-choice pick, while just 11.10 percent favored Sanders, who is Jewish. 

The survey found that 8.90 percent favored Sen.Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts,  8.20 percent favored Sen. Kamala Harris of California, and 7.30 percent favored Mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend, Indiana.

Pollsters interviewed 15,770 registered voters who are planning to vote in a Democratic primary or caucus, 581 of whom identified as Jewish, between April 29 and May 5. The margin of error is 1 percentage point.

Biden, first elected senator in 1972, has cultivated close ties with the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, and appeared to weather the pro-Israel community’s tensions with the Obama administration over the Iran nuclear deal and other disagreements. Sanders, an independent and self-described “democratic socialist,” has defended Israel from attacks by the left but is also frequently critical of its current right-wing government.