Polish foreign ministry slams West Bank waterhole demolition


“We wish to reiterate that Poland considers [this] unacceptable,” a spokesperson for the Polish foreign ministry told JTA in connection with reports that Israeli authorities demolished a water well that a Polish NGO, Polish Humanitarian Action, helped preserve near Hebron.

Construction of waterholes and other structures in Israeli-controlled territory in the West Bank requires permits from the Israeli Civil Administration. According to Haaretz, the water holes were demolished after the Polish NGO refused to apply for the permits.

Haaretz also reported that Poland’s deputy foreign minister, Jerzy Pomianowski, had refused to meet Israel’s ambassador to Poland because of the issue. The Polish foreign ministry denied the report.

“The ambassador could not have been not received by the Deputy Minister in connection with this matter,” a spokesperson for the Polish ministry told JTA in an email.

“The Israeli ambassador asked to discuss another topic and, in accordance with its significance and subject matter, held talks with the relevant Department Director. Pursuant to diplomatic custom, ambassadors are always received by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in line with the applicable rank and the topic at hand,” according to the email.

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