Police searching for terrorist infiltrator in central Israel

Marcy Oster

JERUSALEM (JTA) — Police set up roadblocks in central Israel following intelligence information that a Palestinian terrorist may have infiltrated Israel near Netanya.

At least one man from  the Israeli-Arab community of Tayibe, located in central Israel near Kfar Saba, was arrested during the late Tuesday morning search. The search was called off after their arrest, Ynet reported.

Cars were searched at the roadblocks , causing massive traffic congestion.

Israel’s military and search helicopters were involved in locating the possible terrorist infiltrator, according to reports. It was believed that he was trying to reach Tel Aviv.

On Monday, an Israeli was injured when a bus driving near the Tappuach Junction in the northern West Bank was hit with a firebomb. The bus also was damaged.

Also on Monday, a girl, 3, was injured when the bus in which she was riding in eastern Jerusalem was hit with a rock, breaking a window.