Planning committee advances plans for E1 housing

JERUSALEM (JTA) — The highest planning committee of Israel’s Civil Administration has submitted a plan to build 3,000 apartments in a controversial area outside of Jerusalem.

The committee confirmed Tuesday that it would now hear objections to the proposed construction in the E1 corridor connecting Jerusalem to the large Ma’aleh Adumim settlement, an area which the Palestinians say is necessary to keep the borders of their as yet-established Palestinian state contiguous.

The housing is still in the planning stages, with construction a long way off, according to reports. There is also an approved plan for a commercial center there, according to the Jerusalem Post.

The construction would still have to be approved by the coordinator of government activities in the territories, according to Ynet.

Authorization for the construction planning was made by the nine-member security Cabinet on the evening of Nov. 29 in the hours after the United Nations General Assembly approved enhanced observer statehood status for the Palestinians.

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