Peres receives credentials of Egypt. Jordan envoys

JERUSALEM (JTA) — The new ambassadors of Egypt and Jordan presented their credentials to Israeli President Shimon Peres.

Egyptian envoy Atef Mohamed Salem Sayed Elahl and Jordanian envoy Walid Khalid Abdullah Obeidat were among six new ambassadors to present their credentials to Peres in Jerusalem on Wednesday.

“I came with the message of peace and I came to confirm that we are really working for mutual trust and transparency,” Elahl told Peres. “We are committed to all the agreements we signed with Israel, and we are also committed to the peace treaty with Israel. We have to go with our new generation to the peaceful future.”

“We have the highest respect for your people and for your history,” Peres told the new Egyptian envoy that Israel has “the highest respect” for the Egyptian people and the country’s history.

“I know there are people who try to frustrate peace,” Peres said, “and I believe that our governments will do whatever they can to keep the peace between us deep, sincere, strong and serious for the sake of your people and for the sake of our people.”

The Jordanian ambassador post has been vacant for two years. Obeidat accepted the post despite strong objections from his clan, which excommunicated him.  

“The foremost priority in our foreign policy still remains the peace process and achieving peace between all neighboring countries, including the establishment of an independent sovereign Palestinian state living side by side with the State of Israel and forming a region that is economically viable, a region that has political stability and a region that works and looks for a bright future,” Obeidat told Peres.

He also said it is important to Jordan to preserve the rights of all those who want to visit Christian and Muslim sites in Jerusalem.

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