Palestinians in truck overrun security barriers at Ben Gurion Airport

JERUSALEM (JTA) — Security guards at Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport fired on two Palestinians driving a stolen truck after it broke through two security barriers.

The airport was shut down for one hour overnight Monday in the wake of the incident.

The two Palestinian men, residents of the West Bank cities of Kalkilyah and Jenin, stole the truck from a central Israeli town at about 3 a.m. and then drove through the entrance to the airport. They reportedly told investigators that they entered the airport by accident, and intended only to steal the truck.

After the truck ran the first security barrier, emergency procedures were activated and additional roadblocks were set up. The truck nearly hit a guard stationed at the second permanent security barrier before it stopped near Terminal 3 after its tires were shot out by a guard. The men tried to flee on foot but were captured and arrested.

No explosives or irregular items were found in the truck.