Palestinian woman on hunger strike in Israeli prison


Hana Shalbi, a member of Islamic Jihad, reportedly began a hunger strike 11 days ago after being put under administrative detention. 

Her hunger strike follows that of another Islamic jihad member, Khader Adnan, who ended a 66-day hunger strike last week protesting his being held in an Israeli prison without charges after prosecutors agreed that his administrative detention would not be renewed.

A prisoner can be held in administrative detention, without charges being brought, for up to four months; it can also be renewed.

Shalbi, 30, says she was subjected to a body search by a male Israeli soldier after her arrest and was assaulted when she resisted, Haaretz reported.

She is the third Palestinian prisoner exchanged for captive soldier Gilad Shalit who has been rearrested.  She served 25 months in administrative detention prior to being set free.